Outings and in-school visits / entertainment

We do not take 3 year olds on outings, as a rule, but prefer to provide ‘in house’ education and entertainment. Our Middle Group and Grade R children, however, go on regular outings related to the educational themes.

Junior Primary outings and excursions are undertaken with specific educational aims in mind: knowledge, skills and values. As a matter of policy, Tree Tops School does not take children out purely for entertainment.

Besides a number of 'day trips' to local venues during the course of the year, Junior Primary children also have the opportunity to go on eagerly anticipated annual excursions! Grade Ones spend two days and a night at venues such as Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve, near Howick, (where they are involved in numerous activities relating to the flora and fauna found there), while the Grade Two’s and Three’s have a three day/ two night adventure camp at venues such as White Mountain Resort or the Spirit of Adventure. They 'foefie' slide, hike, abseil and take part in various exciting adventure challenges, while learning more about nature, themselves and their classmates. These excursions form part of the curriculum ('Education in the Outdoors').

Extra-mural Activities

Parents are able to enrol their children in a number of extra-mural activities offered by private individuals/organisations at our Silverton campus on various afternoons. These activities are additional to the school programme and so fees are paid directly to those providing the service. Extra mural classes presently include: ballet, hip-hop, karate, music, Monkeynastix, Playball, Sticky Fingers baking and Madressa.

Note: We feel that many 3 year olds find that extra-mural activities make for a long day and suggest that, in most cases, participation be delayed until children move down to Silverton Road.

We would also counsel parents against enrolling children in too many activities, as we are concerned about the increasingly recognised syndrome of the ‘overorganised’ or ‘hurried’ child.