Tree Tops is located in the heart of Durban’s Berea (in close proximity to ‘landmarks’ like Musgrave Centre)

The original campus, which was established in 1934, is situated at 74 Silverton Road and houses pre-school children who are turning 5, as well as Grade R and Grade 1 classes

Our campus at 37 Bellevue Road is a 'mini-world' for 2 ½ to 4 year olds.

The property at 63 Windmill Road, houses Junior Primary classes (Grade 2 & 3).

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Silverton Road
74 Silverton Road
Musgrave, Durban
Tel No: +27 (31) 201-7305
Fax No: +27 (31) 202-3272
Email: admin@treetops.org.za

Bellevue Road
37 Bellevue Road
Musgrave, Durban
Tel No: +27 (31) 202-1112
Fax No: +27 (31) 202-2922
Email: bellevue@treetops.org.za

Windmill Road
63 Windmill Road
Musgrave, Durban
Tel No: +27 (31) 201-3188
Email: windmill@treetops.org.za