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Tree Tops



Tree Tops offers an Aftercare Programme, based at Silverton Road, which is run by trained facilitators and assistants, employed by the Board of Directors, under the authority of the Principal. This ensures that the norms and methodologies employed in both the morning and afternoon programmes are congruent.

The Aftercare is primarily a service for working parents and so ‘casuals’ are not accepted. The atmosphere in our Aftercare Session is caring, relaxed and fun…a ‘home from home’ environment for those children who spend a longer day at school.

Younger children from Bellevue are transported to Silverton in a Shuttlebus (with seat-belts!) accompanied by adults, at 12pm each day.

Aftercare starts at 12 noon and has 3 exit times – 2.30pm,  3pm or 5pm.
Aftercare fees are additional to the morning programme and are based on your chosen exit time.

During the Aftercare Session the children are divided into 3 ‘family groups’ (3-6 year olds) and a Junior Primary group. All children participate in drawing, colouring, cutting or other fine-motor/craft/creative activities, as well as in supervised outdoor play and storytime. Junior Primary children have a Homework session included in their afternoon.

Those children that stay after 2.30pm have an afternoon snack provided by the school and have an indoor free-choice play period.